Everything you need to know about QuotesChimp


QuotesChimp is the new kid on the block when it comes to delivering car insurance quotes to your inbox. The code monkeys behind this database and search engine have not only collected details of the all the premium rates from the leading insurance companies in your state, they have empowered you! Search here and you get the lowest possible quotes from each insurer.

The mission statement for QuotesChimp is simple: we want to take the stress out of finding car insurance cover. We aim for a quick and easy experience to give you multiple quotes in just a few minutes.

QuotesChimp puts your needs first. The result? An absolutely free service which gives you access to all the leading insurers in your state.

Get as many car insurance quotes as you want or need from this site. Don't be a chump and find reasons not to give QuotesChimp a chance to show what it can do. For you it's win/win. If you find cheap car insurance, you win. If you don't find the cheapest cover, you have no obligation. You won by getting free information.